Lunch Break

We’re going to see if Ecto can behave itself for the Lunch Break today. (*Update: it did not.)  I don’t have high hopes, but I DO have a draft of this post saved in the slow, yet annoying reliable WordPress, so never fear! You shall get your mindless dose of links in time for the 5 o’clock whistle.

These Alarm Clocks Don’t Mess Around… Speaking of whistles. 5 alarm clocks you WILL pay attention to in the morning.

Summer Really Is Just Around the Corner … even though it doesn’t feel like it. Start planning now for summer produce: consider planting a garden or signing up for a CSA.

This Guy Has a Lot of Time on His Hands… in a good way.   This is the place where science, art, and leftover bits of food collide.

Add a Little Spice to Your Day… A fun, foodie mental_floss quiz.  How well do you know your spices? (I know mine 70% well).

Just In Time for V-Day… Pinch My Salt offers some romantic recipes of her own, plus a handful of ideas from around the blogosphere.

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