Lunch Break

I’ve got Journey blaring off the ol’ computer speakers so I have no clever introduction… or an un-clever one, really. Mindless links for your Friday:

Save the Greens!… Wilted lettuce can be saved, thanks to this helpful tip from Noshing Confessions.

Are Cupcakes the Perfect Food?… While you ponder, peruse this crazy cupcakes from mental_floss. I’ll take one of each, please.

Slow Down… Videos of sneezes, golf bolls, lightning, and more — all in slow motion. These clips are CRAZY.

To Get Ready for Swimsuit Season… don’t make this Oreo pretzel fudge.

My Boyfriend Has This Tattoo…. Not really, but… soon, I’m sure. Also, can we talk about how this website is called Bacon Today? The content is strictly business with headlines like “People In Canada choose bacon over sex” and “Bacon Marriage Proposal.” You’re welcome.

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  1. katie says:

    i don’t know whether the fact that the person in the bacon tattoo photo is from rochester should fill me with shame or pride. i choose pride. bacon (and house of guitars) rules!

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