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What do you get when you add:

1 soon-to-expire box of unsweetened baking chocolate

the last 4 eggs in the carton?

Another reason to put off those New Years resolutions.

Love & Scallops

[Belated Valentine's post, but I've been on vacation!]
The Boyfriend and I decided to spend Valentine’s Day in instead of going out to dinner. We’re a low-key couple, what can I say. I’d much prefer catching up with my love over a glass of wine while I cook dinner instead of throwing on a dress and [...]

Christmas Preparations

In the days leading up to Christmas, holiday prep consumed my time.  The Boyfriend and I baked, bought, wrapped, and decorated for days.  We did something I have always wanted to do: decorate Christmas sugar cookies. Our set-up:

I had so much fun doing this! For the sugar cookie recipe, I added a little almond extract [...]

Uncommonly Delicious

These past few weeks have been insane! It feels like every time I get a free moment ten other things drop into my lap.  I haven’t started wrapping presents, I’m behind on my holiday baking (er, well, that’s because we ate the first batches of cookies.  Ahem).  And work is it’s usual busy self.
I did [...]

Jack Frost

Yesterday was the big snow here in Albany.  We got 7 inches! Schools were closed and I didn’t have to go into work!
The Roommies and I took Jack out for a romp in the snow.  I say “romp”…. we may have romped, but Jack sprinted around the backyard like a bat outta hell!

Jack attack!

He was [...]