Thank you for visiting Notes on a Page!

Founded by frustrated musicians who were tired of finding gigs, being underpaid for these gigs, and finding other musicians to perform these gigs with.

Notes on a Page aims to pair qualified freelance musicians with reputable organizations that require their talents.

This website will regularly feature musicians of all sorts in search of gigs and will also advertise for organizations (i.e. bands, churches, bars, etc…) in search of musicians. The services currently available will allow musicians and organizations to get in touch with the services they need, set a contract, and schedule a gig.

This website is also aiming to expand by allowing freelance musicians to build profiles featuring their resumes, performance history, performance examples (YouTube videos, mp3 files, etc…), and references. Organizations will be able to sort through those profiles depending on who the musician would like to gig for and who the organization needs. Organizations will be able to advertise in search of musicians and set their price. Organizations and musicians will also be able to leave reviews and ratings for each other based on a number of factors (i.e. performance, reliability, cost, etc…) For a premium fee, bands and performance groups can register profiles featuring the same information as the musicians profile.

For now, please consider donating towards the fees of the website, towards the fees for our collective sanity, or, perhaps, a buy a t-shirt!